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Protect your account from fraudsters with Trusteer Rapport

We know you think your antivirus is protecting you against bank account fraud. Unfortunately, that’s very unlikely.

Financial malware is constantly evolving to continuously evade antivirus solutions. In fact, antivirus software detects only about 25% of the most popular malware currently being emailed to people.

Here’s help: Entegra Bank provides IBM Trusteer Advanced Fraud Protection FREE to customers.

Trusteer Rapport stops financial malware to protect you and your account from fraudulent activity. It doesn’t require antivirus. It creates a secure “tunnel” connection to your bank account program regardless of how good your antivirus application is—or, isn’t.

Trusteer Rapport takes just minutes to download and install. It runs in the background so your computer tasks continue completely uninterrupted. Once installed, a small Trusteer Rapport icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar, changing color to let you know when it’s working.

To download Trusteer Rapport, use a desktop browser.

Download IBM® Trusteer Rapport now

How does Trusteer Rapport work?

Trusteer Rapport works standalone or alongside any desktop security solution. It hides your login credentials and web communication from any type of malware and prevents unauthorized access to your accounts. You should use Rapport even if your computer runs the most updated antivirus solution.

When you browse to a website the Trusteer Rapport icon appears in or near the browser’s address bar. The icon is green when Rapport is protecting your communication with the website and the icon is grey when communication is not protected.


NOT protected:

If you’re putting off downloading our IBM Trusteer Anti-Fraud application because you think it will slow your computer down, think again.

Trusteer Rapport is easy to use, won’t slow you down and is miles better at protecting your money than any anti-virus program on the market.

It’s also important to install Trusteer Rapport on every computer you use to access your online bank accounts.

To download Trusteer Rapport, use a desktop browser.

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Proven Effective

In an independent study, Trusteer Rapport stopped 100% of financial malware used by testers to try and infect a protected machine.

Proven Security

Trusteer Rapport was developed by the online security experts at Trusteer and currently protects tens of millions of users worldwide.